Pictures- Puppy Finn Experiencing Spring Time

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pictures- Puppy Finn Experiencing Spring Time

It's been a while since I've posted some solid pictures of Finnegan. Here are a few of the past months.
Golden Retriever lying in the grassAt one year two months old Finnegan is in the prime of his golden retriever puppy years. He is still a little kid and watching him playing in the yard is just great. I got to take Finn with me on a business trip and visit to my parents, and Finn's mom joined us for the weekend.

These two (above and below) we took as the puppy was playing in the yard. He loved his mini dog excursion to the grandparents back yard and showed his fondness of such by sticking his nose in anything that smelled and rolling or napping in anything else (although sometimes he rolled in nasty smelling things as well.
Finnegan the puppy stretched out on the grass
Golden Retriever Green GrassThe yard suited Finn, and he even lent some of his gardening (tearing out plants) and cooking (poking his nose in an unlit grill). He didn't see any problem with his behavior and just kept giving off these puppy dog eyes.Puppy with his head cocked giving puppy dog eyes
Adolescent Dog
We spent a lot of time outside with Finn just chewing on his bone. We even took him to a dog park up in Danville.Danville California Dog Park
Finnegan gnawing away
Dog food and an old wood floorThe old floor with Finn's food and the new deck where he did most of his eating.
The pooches eyes say Who Me?Finnegan even got to go to the top of Mount Diablo. At 3,849 feet it the highest point Bear has ever been outside. The Tejon Pass on the I-5, which we drive on the way up north, is at 4183ft, but we haven't let the little pooch out of the car up there.
Dog atop Mount Diablo in Northern CaliforniaAll in all it was a great trip, Finny got to go to park, we got to relax and see my parents. Great Memorial Day Weekend


Amber-Mae said...

Holly DOG! That's alot of tennis balls laying around! I think I'll go wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Arabella said...

That looks like a really great vacation and some cute pictures of Finn too.


Joe Stains said...

I looove licking the grill! looks like a fun vacation!

classy & fabulous said...


Finn's Dad said...

Yes there were a lot of tennis balls at the park. Just as we arrived another lady showed up with a basket that had at least 200 in it. She spent the next 30 minutes redistributing them around the park then left. It was tennis ball overload, Finn didn't know what to fetch.