Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blogs We Luv, Ten Questions

A few weeks ago I found a fun site that reviews all sorts of blogs. As I am mildly addicted I added it to my reader and starting checking out their links. Not only do they review blogs, but they have a list of Ten Questions posed to all bloggers. It is a simple way to promote your blog, and it is also kinda fun.

Anyways, yesterday they featured my answers on their site. Thanks to all the folks who visited from Blogsweluv, I saw a nice little spike in hits, hope you enjoy.

Oh, and here is a picture of Finn taken just a few minutes ago.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dogbook: Facebook for dogs

If anyone else out there has a dog on Facebook's new app exclusively for dogs, look up Finn, he wants some friends. Of course it is not necessary for Finn to have his own Facebook page, but it is another good way to store some pictures and stories about him that we can remember for a long time. He already has a few friends, Lala from the puppy fight is one of them. In case you are not on facebook here is a screen capture of what a dogbook page looks like. Oh and it looks like if you want a dogbook site you'll have to sign up for facebook, but nothings stopping you from signing the dog up for facebook assuming you have an extra e-mail for them.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A litter of baby puppies

Over at Lab Tails there was a litter of yellow Labrador retrievers born last weekend. The whole ordeal must have been tough as Elise (the mom) was in labor for over 29 hours. Turns out that is pretty typical for dogs. I'm assuming it is customary of breeder's to tie color coded strings, or collars, on each puppy as they are born, to keep track. Finn's breeder did this, which is why he will always have the nickname orange. Hope all goes well for the new mom and her litter, it looks like there will be 8 very happy new dog owners.

The above picture is NOT one of the new puppies. It is Orange himself (aka Finnegan).

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dog Sketch Artist

A few weeks ago while reading few lists of blogs I came across Fe's site, Femikey's Sketch Blog. Fe is an artist and had done some animal sketches so I posted a comment saying that I would enjoy a sketch of Finnegan. Then I went on vacation, and wound up "marking all as read" on my RSS reader a few times and I guess I passed over this wonderful picture of Finnegan.
Fe, Thank you very much for this sketch. I hope it is alright that I share it with folks who visit my site.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dog Dental Hygiene

I always used to think that dogs had bad breath, and that's just the way it is. It never really occurred to me that it's because they have such poor hygiene. It is suggested that you brush a dogs teeth twice a week. Dogs can get canine plaque, canine tartar and gingivitis, and periodontal disease. A healthy dog should have teeth that look like healthy dog teeth, and breath that is at least tolerable.

To combat daily dirty teeth we try to keep a good supply of clean teeth treats. Greenies are one of the most popular dental treats, and although they are rather expensive, you can get a free sample of Greenies if you don't mind putting your name on their mailing list. And if you are really good about taking care of your dog, and actually brush his teeth on a regular basis, you may need to get a full canine dental kit. Most of the pet ood companies also tout that their food is good for dental care but I've seen multiple articles saying this isn't necessarily true. One I found has this to say about food being good for a dog's teeth:

Contrary to the myth propagated by pet food companies, dry food is not good for teeth.8 Given that the vast majority of pets eat dry food, yet the most common health problem in pets is dental disease, this should be obvious. Humans do not floss with crackers, and dry food does not clean the teeth.

All in all a dog should have a good dental plan laid out for them so they can keep up a great smile.

All this is really important since Finn just lost all his baby teeth. We didn't find any of them to keep as souvenirs, shame. His new chompers, though, are coming in nicely and are obviously strong as he is getting tougher and tougher to beat in toy tug-o-war.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Best dog toy?

As Finn gets bigger the adolescent stage is starting to kick in. Some bad behavior just happens and we need to train him not to do it, like trying to chew on chair legs. I know he is smart enough to learn not to eat them. Then again he needs an alternative to occupy him, plus this duck needs a rest.Finn is weird about his toys, most times he'll play with anything but there was one toy this dog will not play with. I stopped giving him tennis balls (despite having bought 18) after he lost the first 2 in a matter of minutes and our dog trainer said tennis balls are toxic to dogs, although I am still skeptical.

For the few other dog owners who read this what are you dogs favorites.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pictures from an iPhone

Some folks may have noticed the site has been lacking in the "pictures of Finnegan" category. I'm blaming this solely on the my crappy digital camera and it's ability to kill a battery in under five minutes. Anyways, I recently acquired an iPhone and the thing takes some pretty sweet pictures. I'm giving up my other camera entirely at this point. Here are a few pictures taken today. It may be difficult to see in the photos but Finn is growing up very quickly. He is almost tall enough to be able to place his head on the kitchen table, which is scary, but he is also becoming smarter every day. His fluffy puppy stage may be coming to an end, but he still has the greatest smile around.

Expect more and more pictures to come.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dog Blog Links: 2nd Edition

Got some more links for everyone, again these are all the blogs I read and the posts I starred (for one reason or another) in my RSS reader.

Life Of A Dog Rescuer: A dedicated dog lover and the stories of saving some great pets, yet another dog rescued this week

Amber's Diary: Amber learned a pretty cool trick and there is a video of it here posted.

Johann The Dog: A recap of a dog recent dog rescue, also mentioned over at Pop Dog Blog.The dog was caught down a 30ft well and rescued after a parallel rescue hole was dug.

Wonderruby: A unique cartoon and video. If I were getting a small dog Ruby would make me consider the Boston terrier a little harder.

Mad About Labrador Retrievers: If anyone is looking to get a dog here is one needing rescuing posted over here.

Lab Tails: Elise is pregnant and due very soon. Pictures of her swollen belly are abound.

My Paw prints on the Web: Lucas turns two and celebrates with a large cake.

Blogs From the Dogs: Another birthday, Jackson turns one.

Dogs Aye View: A puppy and a bunny living together.

Bark Blog: The magazine has an article about what pollutants can harm pets.

Love Is a Four Legged word: 10 reasons dogs and cats are better than kids.

The Chocolate Dog Blog
: A recap of a crazy dog who went running all over the highway

The Dog Days: Benny had surgery, hope he has a speedy recovery

If you know of any other good blogs I should add to the list let me know in the comments. This is just a sampling of the ones I look over but I am always looking to add some more (despite how much of my time reading blogs eats up)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pet Insurance, Is it a good thing?

We are thinking of signing Finn up for some pet insurance and I am writing this to see if any other dog owners have it, or have thoughts about it. Please leave them in the comments, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

We plan on using VPI, which is the largest provider of pet insurance. And what's more we are going to go for the VPI superior plan.

I have tried to find reviews for these and they are all over the board. At one site VPI has 15 reviews totalling a .5 on a ten point scale. However most sites with more than one review there are getting low numbers and I assume it because people don't tend to go searching around for sites to review something if they are happy with it and it does what it is supposed to. Then of course there is an article which puts VPI comparable or better than most of the alternatives. Epinons has some pet insurance reviews but the first negative one is from someone who has only had coverage for less than a month, and how can you review an insurance company after a single month?

I called our vet and she didn't give a real endorsement one way or the other. Her opinion seemed to be, it might help/it might not. Although not very helpful her advice did let me know that either way I should make sure to be as diligent about Finn's health as I am about any human member of the family.

The ten pet insurance questions posted at About seem good but nothing helps as much as a personal opinion from a real customer. So again, please, if you have ever had pet insurance or have personal experiences with it please share. I just want to make sure Finn is always active and happy, and causing my action shots to be blurry.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Golden Retriever Litter

We got an e-mail today from Finn's other family (the breeder's) that included this great picture. Here are all of Finn's brother's and sisters.
Bellatrix is the lucky 0ne that gets to live with her mom and dad, but seriously, how cute of a litter is that? I'm glad when we got him Finn was the last of the litter and we lucked into him, but if we had to pick one of the puppies I'm fairly certain we would have wound up with at least 3 or 4 more dogs than we were planning on.

It was mentioned in the e-mail too that there should be a get together for all the puppies. I'm not sure our yard is large enough for eight golden retrievers, but having all of them over would be a dream come true. Hopefully we can make this happen and it'll be interesting to see how they have all matured. More pictures of Finn to come later this week too. I've taken a bunch since I got back home and he has gotten much bigger, but I've been spending my time enjoying his company rather than writing about him.

Also if any of the owners of Finn's brother's and sisters happen to read this please send a picture along or leave a comment.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A real study on Pets as therapy

This is a little article I had tagged as interesting a few weeks ago. It is usually said (and I have said it here a few times) that pets can help a person recover from an injury more quickly and can help chronically ill patients deal with their illnesses. Here is a real study about pets used as a form of human therapy.

More pictures of Finn soon. Tomorrow I get to see him for the first time in two weeks and I'm sure he has grown so I'll have a lot of fun stuff to catch up writing about.

WNDU - News

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dog destroys household objects

We've trained Finn well enough, and provided him with enough toys, to keep him from destroying our house. There are things we concede to him now and then, though. A sock out of the dryer, a blanket draped across his cage, and this gem: the cat claw scratcher thing. I don't know what you call it but I know that by the time I saw him it was all over. The whole contraption is just a board with string wrapped around it but he seemed to love it more than the cats ever have. Here is the video of him tearing into his new toy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Dog in Peoples Clothing

Everyone seemed to like the previous Finn in clothes post (well at least the t-shirt part. You're right Simba those PJ's are pretty wrong, but he still is cute) so here are some more. Before I left Los Angeles we were playing around with Finn and decided to take some pictures of him supporting our alma mater, Tulane University. He did well with the t-shirt but the hat was a different story. I'll assume he was just teething and not showing his dislike of our lack luster football program. Here are the pictures of the whole thing.

Rocking the hat and shirt

Smiling for the camera.
Teething, as usual
Just hanging out
Another big smile for the lens. He would have known he is so photogenic.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Best Fictional Dogs

I recently read an article which described the authors top 11 fictional dogs. Sure some of the pooches on the list are great (fictional) dogs but I must take issue with some that were left off. It is tough to put them in order but here are a few that were unjustly left off this list.

Pluto: Liekly one of the most recognizable dogs in the world, I can't imagine why he was not on this list. He even had a planet named after him. Okay thats may not be true but both made there debut in 1930 and it is still debated who came up with the name first, despite Walt Disney saying he named the dog after the planet. But still, Pluto has been around for nearly 80 years and is best friends with the quintessential cartoon and not listing him in a top 11 is just criminal.

Lassie: Listen, Underdog may fly and talk, but lassie could convey detailed directions through the woods simply by barking. Created in 1938 the famous Border Collie is a lock on my list, assuming I'm trapped in the bottom of a mine.

Beethoven: Sure he'll never fly around in a spaceship like astro, but he's a Saint-Brenard and that means he comes with a little keg around his neck. That's enough for me, although i could go for a little less slobbering.

The Beast: The beast is everything a dog should be, a large lumbering pooch that loves playing so much it's almost scary. What's more he wouldn't harm a fly (unless that fly was perched on a Babe Ruth signed ball). Yeah he looses a few points for ruining so many great games of ball but he was truly a legendary mutt.

Toto: Not only was he a great dog but Toto pulled down a fine salary, $125 a week for the 1939 movie The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Adjusted for inflation that's between $1500 and $17000, not to bad. My criterion here also includes how loyal a dog is, and any pup that follows an owner down a rabbit hole and through such an outrageous series of adventures gets a nod.

Old Yeller: A moment of silence here. Old Y has been the cause of many tears. He quite literally gave his life defending the family who was so kind to him.

Santas Little Helper (Simpsons): He might not be the best looking dog on the list but he may be the most accomplished. SLH has served as a seeing eye dog, a police dog, the mascot of Duff Beer, and sired dozens of other Springfield dogs.

Brian Griffin(Fmaily Guy): Sure he's got a slight drinking problem, and developed a drug problem while serving as a police dog but Brian provides tons of laughs. His list of odd jobs is even longer than Santa's Little Helper, bu he takes a backseat as a cartoon family pet solely on the fact that he acts too human.

Did I miss any of your favorite dogs? Put it in the comments.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dog Blog Links

Okay, so I committed the ultimate sin of blogging. Not posting regularly, but I have an excuse. I recently started my job which entailed flying to Louisiana for 2 weeks. In an attempt to use that time the hours have been long, and since the Wi-Fi at the hotel isn't that great I haven't had the patience to actually write something (every time I tried I would be logged off or timed out).

I have however had the ability to keep up with all the other blogs I read thanks to the new iPhone. Here are a few of my favorites from the last week. These pictures were taken a few days before I left. There are some more good ones that I should get up this week.

Benny and Bear
: It seems Benny needs some surgery, you can see why right there in his X-rays. Best of luck Benny

Spencer's Blog: Spencer takes a trip to the Grove in L.A. and gets the same treats Finn has, SCARY KITTY!

Ranger the Dog: A funny list of a dog's pet peeves.

Salty Dogs
: Simple, this is pictures of dogs on the beach. Always a way to brighten the day.

The Chocolate Dog Blog: Bosco weighs in on yet another dog social networking site.

The Dog Blog: Reviewing FlexPetz, one of the only dog owners with a positive outlook on this new service.

The Pop Dog Blog: Reviewing a Doggie Confessional. Finn will have to admit he pees in the house still form time to time.

My Doggie Says: A review of Lake Arrowhead. Finn WILL be going to the lake with us.

Lab Tails: Dogs swimming and enjoying a vacation where they can break the rules.

Duke!: This is a one of the best photoblogs I have an RSS feed on. Always has good pictures and Duke looks amazing.

Pappy's Dog Blog: Just a funny picture. A good blog and should be great in the next few weeks as Pappy is on a big roadtrip.

Dogs Eye View: A guide dog's story with great photos. The writer is is legally blind but still takes some awesome pictures.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Play Date with Bandit

After a few weeks of missed calls and bad timing we were finally able to set up a time for Finn to meet Bandit, who lives around the block. Bandit is an older dog, and was surprised and mildly scared of Finn's puppy energy. One too many puppy pounces and Bandit let out a growl to say to Finn "Cool out, or I'll rip you apart". Once put in his place the two did well together. Bandit would sit, quietly being petted, while Finnegan would do two laps around everyone, crouch down, jump once then run to the other end of the yard before returning and repeating the process. Many folks think an older dog will be livened up by a puppy while helping put the pup in it's place. This is true to an extent but an this article reminds you that each dog is different and may react differently.

We plan to have many more play dates with Bandit as she was the model of what a dog should act like around new people, calm, relaxed and submissive.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Five Cent Dog Toy

We have gotten Finn so many toys I can't even remember them all anymore. He's got a squirrel, a duck, tennis balls, tied up ropes, rawhides, a lady bug and a lot more. And you know which toy is the most fun to watch him play with? A grape. That's right, the beginnings of a nice bottle of wine will occupy Finn for fifteen or twenty minutes before he finally breaks the skin on it and eats it. We found this out totally by accident one day while bribing him to get off the couch. We give him fruits and vegetable that are not bad for dogs, and he really took to the grape. Originally I thought the amusement stemmed from the fact that his teeth are still growing. Then I saw this clip which proves even an adult golden retriever is mesmerized by a grape. Not sure if the lemon and kumquat trees we have will be as appealing to him but let's hope not.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

If Finn were a Human

Saw this list of questions over at The Chocolate Dog Blog and decided I would answer them too. Expect Finn's entire life story down the line.

1.What car would he drive?
A Toyota Prius, he's a California boy at heart. Plus we know he loves the environment, he eats flowers non stop and is big into digging.

2.Favorite Drink
Robert Mondavi Chardonnay 2004, Napa Valley. I'll admit he licked some off of Ann's hand the other day and he loved it. Also coming soon will be a video of Finn playing with a grape, very amusing.

3.Favorite Meal
Dodger dogs. Really who doesn't love them.

4.Dream Date
Tickets to a Dodger game (hence the favorite meal) specifically the All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion.

5.Favorite Music
Classical. It's a reminder of his childhood when he used to fall asleep with his brothers and sisters to some soothing classical tunes.

6.Favorite Tv Show
Lost, and Vincent is his favorite character. All the lush forest would make him salivate, and he loves to explore.
Big Love. He relates to Bill's dad who pees in the sink if he can't make it to the bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Fireman. Finn loves helping people and thinks he is the most heroic being ever alive. His knack for finding water is unparalleled in the business and we already know he loves hoses.

Note: The questions may be a meme, The Chocolate Dog credited this site with them. Juicy Dog Couture: If Huey Were Human...

Five Tips to a Succesful first month of Dog ownership

Just a few days ago we passed the one month mark with Finn, and life could not be better. As part of the celebration I've taken a few notes on things that have helped make this last month so enjoyable.

1. Prepare the space, and yourself:
Having all the dog products you'll need makes things a lot easier. Before Finn's arrival we set up his room. Two couches with slip covers, an indoor/outdoor rug and a cage area gives him a place to call home even when we are not here. We had a carrier already which made bringing Finn home a lot easier, it was a little bit small and we got a full sized crate the very next day which helped out a lot. The first week we had to really convince him to go into his crate but after a few bribes and pushes he would settle in for the night. A towel, some toys and a belly rub before we closed him in made everyone sleep easier, knowing Finn was safe. Also keep in mind there are things you will be needing to survive. Extra money, patience, and a camera all are invaluable tools. Learn where the closest pet store is and plan on spending a lot more time there. Also check out places you can walk or take the puppy for socialization. So far we've taken Finn to UCLA, Westwood, walks around the neighboorhood, Manhattan beach, Petco (Poop), a play date, the shower and a few other fun places. He's even ridden in the car with us to pick up a movie, just to get him used to driving.

Do all the research you can about your dog breed, health problems, training techniques, and general pet ownership. Yes you can do this once you have the dog, but getting it done ahead of time aloows more time to play with your new pooch.

2. Get toys, lots of them:
It's a puppy! Puppies play, and if they don't have something to play with they'll pick something of yours. Remotes, socks from the dryer, a newspaper it doesn't matter what the item is so long as it can be destroyed by teeth. Having an alternative lying around makes it easier to wrench the stuff you really want from his grasp. This will also help bonding with the dog. If all you are doing is scolding him for getting into stuff he's not supposed to the dog will build up a tolerance for being yelled at and a bad relationship will form.
3. Start a routine:
News flash: Dogs are creatures of habit. Yes, he is young but he is still learning. Some things even suggest it is a BAD idea to get a pet when you have too much free time (summertime mentioned) because the dog will learn that he gets attention all day and will act out once this routine stops. If the puppy is really young you may have to get up in the middle of the night, be prepared. I started getting up a few hours earlier and starting the day with a walk and a feeding. A nightly walk once everyone is home was added as we learned he was up for it and he's quickly showing signs of understanding what happens on a daily basis.

4. Find a Vet and a trainer:
A Vet visit is likely a part of buying the dog. If you got them from a breeder there should be a one week grace period to ensure the puppy's health. Personal references led us to our Vet, and they did a great job. Also check around for local pet stores that do vaccinations, these are usually cheaper and quicker then going to the Vet and if all you need is two shots it lessens the hassle of the whole ordeal. Make sure you do your homework about what shots the dog will need, the last thing you want is month two to be a disaster because you let something slip your mind. Vets and trainers can always give good insight but be aware of some things on your own is helpful.

As our neighbor said to me one night, while I was trying to get Finn to alleviate his bladder, "Get a trainer, it helps the bonding process too". Our dog trainer mentioned that working with a dog will also help stop unwanted behavior even if it is not addressed (a mentally tired dog isn't as inclined to eat a shoe). Not only does a quick start help to avoid future problems, it is also rewarding when you teach them a new command. Having formal training sessions helps train an owner as much as it helps teach the dog, be prepared to do some work.

5. Stop and smell the roses- Enjoy your dog for all the reasons you got him:

You spent all this money, gave up all your free time, and let your beautiful yard get brown spots all over it. So stop and remember why you did this. Make you you spend time with your puppy doing the things you'll want to do in the future. Play in the yard, curl up on the couch, pet them endlessly and invite people over to coo over them. Every night, when everyone is home from work we sit outside in awe of the beautiful beast romping around and chewing on this toys. A hug and some dog kisses, although unsanitary, is just plain relaxing. Extra daily exercise from walks will help keep you in shape and you may even get a green thumb replanting all the roses that the puppy digs up. Sure he'll get into trouble from time to time, and it's best to lay down the law, but you can be firm while still enjoying the pup's companionship. Finn is so great just glancing at him through a window makes us smile, and I try to consciously remember that each time I play with him. It's a lot of "work" to own a dog, but not if you have the right mindset.

Friday, August 3, 2007

A Dog in Human Clothes

Let me start by saying I'm still not sure how I feel about pets in clothes. Mother nature did a good job of putting a coat on them and especially in the southern California sun there is no real reason to bundle up a pooch. That being said, there was a set of pajamas on sale through Petco the other day for "like $7". Julia thought Finn would look great in them and since they were so cheap went ahead and got them. It was a bit of a hassle getting Finn to stuff his huge mitts through the arm and leg holes, and at first he got all turned around, but once we got each paw through he did look cute. Cute, that is, in the "Haha, you look like a goof ball" sort of way, but still cute. Later today I'll be putting these pictures up on Pets in Clothes and when I do I'll post the link. Until then, smile at these.

In case you can't tell those are little ducks on his PJ's.

Like I said, once we got them on him he didn't even know they were there.

Here's Finn chilling in an undershirt. I think this is more his style.

SkyBark- A dog and people bar

You can co-own a pet, get a dog a massage and now I find out there is even a bar for pets. Skybark is a bar in downtown L.A. (and other locations) that caters specifically to patrons who bring along their pets. It includes "a full bar, live music/DJs, dancing, and catered food for owners and pets. For pets, there is a play area with several hundred square feet of grass and toys, an animal potty area, waiter service, a full bar with healthy drinks in their own special martini glasses, and places to lounge around." The events they hold also help support local charities.

So at each of the SkyBark events a silent auction is held to benefit an animal rescue. The rescue of the night receives a 100% of the proceeds of the auction in addition to other proceeds. The goal is to have each night benefit a different rescue, so that the wealth is shared amongst all those in need.

The idea here is great, though I despise paying $20 for a drink and I'm sure the dog treats will be over priced too, we'll probably check it out sometime.

If anyone knows of other dog friendly places or dog events in Los Angeles please feel free to leave a comment.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dogs Jumping out of helicopters and shooting people

So the title is a bit misleading. To the best of my knowledge their are no dogs that jump from helicopters while packing but there are rescue dogs that are deployed from choppers. And I thought it was special that I could make Finn sit from 10 yards away. Is our training regimine not focused enough? To Finn's credit though "Full training takes about three years". So we have some time to catch up.

Of course pushing him too hard could lead to him capping me from behind, that is if I leave my loaded .22 out on a table. Play biting doesn't seem so bad anymore, and I'm a little more inclined to let him dig away his aggression. Then again, how could this face ever pull the trigger.

Open green space - Taking the Dog to a park

Unsure how Finn would deal with crossing a five lane road, I had been holding off on taking him to the park. Then two days ago, on a regular walk, we took him on a major street. Cars zipping by at 55, buses passing, all the great distractions of a traffic corridor and he was normal. Sniffing the roses, trying to eat stuff he should not be eating, he handled it like a champ so I decided it was time.
After loading up my backpack with water, his portable water bowl, some treats and a toy we set off on our trek. Okay, most likely this was not a trek (only about .8 miles on Gmaps pedometer) but it was high noon with the sun pounding away, not to mention that the way there is not exactly a flat path. I'm not sure if it was the heat or simply the excitement, but Finn was better behaved then any other walk he has been on. He was ignoring cool stuff left and right. A gaggle of little kids, 5 guys in business suits, a lady pushing a stroller, people loading groceries, another dog, and even A PIGEON. Finn NEVER ignores birds, but he was in a zone.

We got to the park and made it about 100 yards in when Mr. Eats Flowers decided he was tired and plopped down, insisting we stop. A comfy patch of grass was acquired and a bowl of water produced to let him rehydrate. Then we sat. I got out a magazine and read while Finn lounged in the shade. He would get up and wander for a few minutes at a time, but I was always able to coax him back with a few treats.
We spent roughly a half hour just hanging out and playing short games of fetch before he got antsy. There were too many people around, and a road to close, to let him run wild off leash so as Finn regained his energy we packed up and headed out. The walk home was ideal, no leashing pulling, no excessive sneezing, just a pleasant day with a puppy.
The trip was a major success and showed that Finn is ready to start seeing the world. Hopefully this weekend we can get him to a cool state park or beach in the L.A. area. Let's just hope he keeps ignoring pigeons.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cute Golden Retriever video

For those of you that are bored at work, here is a video of a golden retriever. No, it is not Finn, but everyone loves a cute puppy.

I also found a fun applet to create a Hollywood sign with anything you write in. High-tech? No. Mildly amusing and a good way to waste 5 minutes? Yes

And there was even time to try to get a photo of Finn to convert to a Simpson's character, but the facial recognition software obviously doesn't recognize dogs.

Driving with a dog

Johann The Dog: Dog safety in cars!

This is a great article about restraining a dog while in a car. Right now we put Finn in a harness when we take him out. Needless to say the best way to transport a dog is by walking. If it is an option it's good for everyone involved for all the obvious reasons.

Walking not only eliminates the need for a harness but it also lessen the temptation to leave a pup in the car while you "quickly run in" somewhere. Recently this happened in Toronto and was picked up by a local blogger. For those of you who only know Fahrenheit numbers, 70 Celsius is about 158 Fahrenheit. Leaving a pet in a car like that is not only cruel it's just plain stupid.

Here is a wonderful site about Pet/Car safety.