Neutering, Xrays- Ten Memories #2

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Neutering, Xrays- Ten Memories #2

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#2 Memories From the First Year of Pet Ownership- Neutering and Hip X-Rays

I've watched too much Price Is Right to not know what spay and neutering is important whether or not you win a cool RV. Only days after getting Finn we saw his vet for a little check, he was fine then but we used it as an opportunity to book a visit to get our puppy, how do you say, 'fixed'. Poor little guy.

I believe it was the right decision for Finn for a variety of reasons, to keep him safe, avoid health problems, and as we learned to avoid spreading a genetic disease. While he was sedated for the surgery they took some X-Rays that showed Finnegan's hips were succeptible to hip dysplasia. It was after the surgery when they called, so I was relieved he was fine for now, but terribly worried about what seemed like a horrible diagnosis. Over the next few days I did some research and realized although it is not ideal, a diagnosis for Hip Dysplasia was manageable which helped calm Finn's Mom and me. It is something we need to keep in mind, we should monitor Finn's weight and be aware of his activity level, but until he starts to show pain we need to take it easy. That just left the cone.

Coneheads. That's what dogs wind up being after most surgeries. Little bear was no different, and when I got him home in his drugged out state he wadled around bumping his little plastic protector into all sorts of things. The next week and a half were filled with mad dashes ending in *clunck* as Finnegan never really figured out how to deal with having such a huge head. That's what you get for not being able to withhold from eating your own stitches though.

Such a major medical procedure and diagnsis made a real impact on us as dog owners. It was a reminder that we were now responsible for the well being of something else, and we took that seriously. If feels nice to care for and even worry about a pet. My only hope is that Finnegan gets as much enjoyment out of his life as he brings to others.


Sparky said...


I hope you'll gget better soon, man! The lamp shades on the head are most definitely the worst part of operations!


Christine said...

It's always comforting to hear from other dog owners who've had to deal with HD diagnosis in puppies!

Our lab boy went in for his neuter at 7 months, and I asked them to take a look at his hips, and they also did an x-ray. Severe HD, poor boy.

Hope your Finn continues to show no signs :)

Dr. Kristen Nelson said...

I diagnosed my Golden Retriever with severe hip dysplasia at 5 months of age. I decided to manage her medically with low impact exercise, joint supplements and lots of stretching. I also kept her weight under control. That was 14 years ago. She still swims and takes a walk every day.

Hip dysplasia is not a death sentence. Through advances in veterinary medicine, we can keep dogs who suffer with this condition happy and comfortable. Hopefully, there will be even better treatments by the time Finn reaches 14.