Bionic Dog: MicroChipping a Pet

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bionic Dog: MicroChipping a Pet

Big Brother is making his presence felt, even in dogs. When we got Finn neutered last week we also had the vet implant a microchip. These little RFID chips can hold a single number, a la a bar code, that corresponds to important data (name, address, phone number). The chip can be scanned and the number identified in case Finn every runs away. There does seem to be some problems with this though. Some shelters don't have scanners at the ones that do may have a scanner that is unable to read all the types of tags. Here is a good article explaining some of the concerns over microchips. We went with HomeAgain as our chip provider. I must admit this was not necessarily a thought out decision as much as it was relying on our vet to give some good advice. This is the chip they put in all their pets and I must assume since they do, the shelters in the area will be able to scan for this type of chip.

Even if getting Finn a microchip is not a fail safe for getting him back, at least it ups the odds a bit. I don't think this lazy bum is going anywhere, but we are not taking any chances. Now we just have to remember to pay for the service every year. Sure it is only $15, which is the last thing I'm worried about paying, but it is a little annoying that they don't just charge $100 or something up front and track the pet for a lifetime.


Simba said...

I came microchipped from the breeder, and it does add a bit of ease should I ever go missing that all my info is implanted inside me!

But I just hope we never really need it! Although, it's pretty cool that the vet "scans" me every time I go in for a visit...just to make sure it's working.


Anonymous said...

Whats up dude

It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!