No Longer a Puppy.... Neutering

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No Longer a Puppy.... Neutering

Today was the big day for Finn. Bob Barker would be proud. Everything went well, he had no adverse reaction to the anesthesia and he even got a cool microchip. The one bummer came with the news that the x-ray's they took showed signs of some bad hip dysplasia. We knew this was a possibility even though his parents had no problems. This is not really a sickness but it still does cause some concern. More to come on this subject in later posts.

In other news our dog trainer Caryl Wolff of Doggie Manners is a candidate for MyFox L.A.'s award for Best Dog trainer. I already gave her a vote, she helped make Finn who he is. That is a very good thing. If any one sees this and wants to throw her a vote please do, she has my recommendation.

Good thing we have trained Finn, it keeps his mind sharp so he can figur things out. Like how to walk around with a cone on his head. Here are the requisite pictures of Finn and his cool neck accessory.
There have been no problems post-op so far. He walked form the car to the back yard, ate some food (hand fed of course) and chewed a bone for a little while. The cone does confuse him a bit and I think I caught him sleeping standing up a few times.

I'll check on him a few times tonight, but from what people have said he should be fine. Still, I worry.


Amber-Mae said...

Man, that cone is HUGE! I wonder how he walks around with that dumb thing on his head. I'd certainly not like it if I wore that too. Oh crap! I'm turning two this 28th & then I'm going to be spayed! NOOOO!!! But anyway, not to worry. Finn will be fine. Usually after one day, the dog's healed & ready to run around like as if nothing happened.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Julia said...

poor lil guy...

Simba said...

You're a trooper Finn!! I'm lucky I didn't have to wear the plastic collar..I was a super patient, I never even looked at my incision! Good luck with your recovery! You should look into seeing a chiro or maybe getting accupunture to help your hips?? Definitely get on some good supplements (glucosamine for joints?)



ChaCha & Yuki said...

hey Finn, that looks very uncomfortable....hope ur daddy takes it off you soon;)