Dog Blog Links: 6th Edition

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dog Blog Links: 6th Edition

It's been a good week, what with Christmas and all. We took Finn with us to the beach on Christmas Eve for a "Christmas Photo", it was his first time seeing both sand and waves. We were able to snap some nice shots which I'll post later in the week, but I also got this one, memoralizing his first sandy paw prints and his ability to lay down on command and look at the camera when asked (A trick that is under appreciated in dog literature.

Also with the Holidays came a flood of themed posts. These are all the ones that I starred in my RSS reader.

The Chocolate Dog Blog: A Pet Christmas photo contest winner. No pictures of Finn were submitted after what he did when we put his hat on.

Polka Dot Pup: A great photo of a lab with a jingle bell collar. Bear has one of these too, it gets old very quickly.

Mama Doggy Love: A great dog santa outfit (I told you a lot of these posts were all Christmas themed).

Huskee Boy: With antlers and presents any dog is happy.

Bark Blog: A review of how owners view there pets (hint: they are mostly on the nice list, despite where they might pee)

Dachsies Rule: A wish of Merry Christmas from some dachshunds in Texas.

Amber's Personal Diary: Amber shows off what a real Christmas feast looks like.

The Days of Johann: A cute holiday pet video featuring a host of adorable puppies.

Boing Boing: (Okay it's not a pet blog but still) A "K-9" Gingerbread house (a la Doctor Who)