Picking up Poop

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Picking up Poop

One of the less glamorous parts of owning a pet is cleaning up after them. For many pet owners (the ones who don't have acres of land) it is a necessity to periodically pick up poop in the yard. Many cities also have laws about cleaning up after pets on a walk, at a dog park, or generally anywhere that is not your own house.

Although a simple plastic bag will suffice for most cleaning duties there are a lot of products on the market to help with this dirty task. We have a handy bag holder that attaches to the puppy's leash. I do not normally go for items who's alternative is free and easily available, but avoiding the embarrassing (and illegal) "my dog just pooped on your lawn but I forgot to bring a bag on this walk" scenario is worth $15.

At many dog parks this bag holder is unnecessary. That is because the bags are provided in dispensers by trash cans, to encourage responsible ownership. I recently found a link to a free sample of these Petpick-ups. The best part about the site is the cool animation up top of a man walking his dog, although I watched for about 5 minutes hoping the animation would show his dog relieving himself, alas I was let down. The link I found though a new blog I've picked up: All About Labradors.

Anyways, this post was prompted by Finn relieving himself on the patio again. We have a small yard with plenty of space for him to go on the grass, which he has been doing without a problem for almost 6 months now. Then, last week, he started going just wherever. He is making no attempt to go on the lawn anymore and our once safe for stocking feet patio is now a mine zone of Finn's excretment. I am not sure what to do. We never really trained Finn to go on the lawn, he just did and now I'm worried that he may be deciding that's not what he wants to do any longer and there is no training I can start up again to reinforce that I want him to go on the lawn. Hopefully we can figure something out before I stink up any more of my socks or shoes.

If you have any input on getting a dog to go #2 in a specific spot, I would love to hear it.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh, my hoomans always pick up our poopies after relieving ourselves but then, she will make me hold my own bag of poop. She said, that she has done her job picking up my poop & now, I have to carry it all the way back home. Hmmppff! I don't really mind actually coz I think poop smells nice.

There are may irresponsible owners here in Malaysia. In my neighborhood almost 99% of them don't pick up after their dogs & we sometimes end up stepping on them & my hoomans will have no choice but to pick them up & throw them away. But the next day, there'll be more poop! My hoomans are very unhappy with these people... Sooo uneducated, irresponsible & inconsiderate.

Some dogs actually like to do it on grass but some like to do it on tiled floors. What you could do is, to put Finn on a leash & restrict him from going on the tiled area to poop. Keep walking with him on the grass until he can't hold it any longer. Eventually, he'll have to do it on the grass. You'll need to do this a few times everyday & then later on, attach one of those short retractable leashes to one of the trees in the lawn, far from the tiled floor. Just attach him there & let him be till he's done.

Once he's done, do not praise him. Just let him go off & clean it up quietly. BUT, if he does it on the tiled area again, correct him firmly. Do not praise him when he does it in the correct spot becoz that will confuse him. Many people think that praising a dog when it does it in the correct area, will make the dog learn it faster. Well, not really. My mommy did not praise any of us when we did it in the porch. But she scolded us like mad when we did it in the house.

After a few days, we got the idea & after a while, we noticed that our mommy never scolds us when we do it in the porch. That's how we learned! I hope this will help you...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

as far as teaching Finn to go on the grass, if you can catch him going on the patio, you have to tell him no, then shoo him onto the grass. Do that a few times and he should get the message. Other than that, when he does go on the grass, PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE!! If you can leave a bit of the poop behind, as a scent marker, it will let him know this was a good spot to go, and he will likely do it again in that spot.

Hope this helps!! Keep us posted!

Melissa (Simba's "mom")

Cinthia said...

It is soooo important to pick up after our pets! I can't believe that some people just let their dogs poop and keep right on walking. I recently came across a new gizmo that really wowed me! It's called the Skooperbox. It's completely recycled materials and 100% Biodegradable. The only problem is that I can't really find them anywhere other than their website: www.skooperbox.com.

I totally love them! They have made my life much easier.

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