Finns mom!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finns mom!

Hi Guys! Julia here ( finns mom).
Finn's dad is getting very busy with work, so I am going to help out with the blog posts- you know you've missed them!

Finnegan is still the best little puppy ever, and he makes us laugh every single day. We are so glad we got him, and I personally cannot wait to add another little pup to the family .... dont tell finn's dad i said that. I basically would do anything for this little guy, and i know all you dog owners out there can relate.

Because Finnegan is my first dog (and i've wanted a dog forever), it is of course my job to spoil him rotten. That little boy gets anything he wants, I just cannot say no to that face. He has around 40 toys, and that probably an underestimate. It's so fun to give him a new toy, he usually will play with it non stop for a day or two and then loose interest. That doesn't stop me from buying more! Check out Target for some adorable toys and pet accessories.

Because he spends 1/2 of his time outside and 1/2 inside, these toys are constantly scattered about our house and lawn. The other day i got pretty fed up with tripping over stuffed duckies,tennis balls , and rawhides. I went to ROSS and got a big wicker basket for all finns toys. Hopefully finn's dad is going to train him how to " clean up" his toys a
t the end of the day. We'll see if this helps!

Here are a few of finnegans favorite things:

Chasing kitties

begging for human food



going to the beach

snuggling with mom ( hehe or so i like to think!)

meeting other pooches

Happy Valentine's day ! ( finnegan with a valentines rawhide I bought at Target)


Karen said...

this is also a cute story related to loving your dog on valentines day.

Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Julia! My hoomans loooove to spoil me & my sistas too & since I was their 1st dog ever, they spoil me more! Heehee... Finn is such a sweet boy. Mommy says he's gorgeous! Happy Valentine's Day!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Dino & Family said...

Hi Julia! So happy to see your blog! You share the same name as my mom! We will be coming back often!


Amy said...


We enjoyed reading the stories and seeing the pictures of Finn. We too have a Golden Retriever who recently became the second love of our life after having our son in October. Buster (that's our dog) has been fantastic with the baby, and we are looking forward to adding a new puppy to our family soon too. Too bad we live so far away in PA or I would suggest that we get together for a puppy play date. :)

The Haynes Family