Dog Blog Links: 4th Edition

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dog Blog Links: 4th Edition

First off, thanks for all the input and corrections everyone in the comments. And thank you Tish (of Blogsweluv) for the rave review. It has been an exciting week for Finn, enjoying what is left of his adolescence before the big chop. The past few weeks have also been hectic for me, but I did make sure to scan the blogs and below are some of the things that caught my eye.

Our Furry Family: Murphy a border collie gets a whole flickr album from his version of the classic "blow bubbles at the dog" game.

My Paw Prints on the Web: A ten minute video of a really well trained puppy.

Lab Tails: The new puppies are now four weeks old.

Johann The Dog: A comprehensive list of all dog related holidays. There is even a google calendar you can add for yourself.

Pop Dog Blog: Simba barks at a overturned recycling bin, and asks what everyone else barks at. (Finn has barked twice, we have no idea what prompted either bark).

Love is a Four Legged Word: I like this blog overall and scrolling across pictures like this is why. You just have to think that is a cute dog.

Dogs Eye View: Some great quotes about dogs. Lance Armstrong sure doesn't like it if your pet wants to LiveStrong.
My Doggie Says: A small puppy with a soccer ball. Tell me this doesn't brighten your day.

As always let me know if there is something I should add to my Google reader.


Tish said...

You're very welcome for the review, Chris! :)

Kimmie said...

Just found your blog... Loving it. Finn is too cute for words.

Going to check out these links and bookmark you.