New Years Resolutions

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years Resolutions

They may be cheesy, and a majority of folks don't keep them, but New Year's resolutions are fun. I'll be making some for myself, work, life, etc. But I wanted to take a second to write down a few pertaining to Finnegan. Putting them in print makes it easier to keep them, or at least easier to remember a few months from now.

The list of my Finnegan-centric resolutions is as follows:

1. Go on more walks.
Right now we go on about 4 a week, including hikes. Part of this low number is worrying about his hips, and of course we don't want to overdo them, but I'm sure he can handle one a day (with possibly a day off depending whether or not he shows any signs of pain).

2. Teach more tricks
As a golden retriever Finnegan is more then capable of learning literally hundreds of commands, right now he knows; Sit, Down, Shake, Roll-over, Drop it, Fetch, Stay (sort of), Up (on a bed/couch), Off
That's 9 commands, and none are perfect. Three times as much would be good but we'll make it a nice round number of 30 and call that a resolution.

3. Groom more
Finn usually gets a bath once a week, but from time to time we miss one. As far as numbers go we'll say at least 54 showers, ear cleanings, and brushing of the teeth will be resolution #3.

4. Continue to smile
I already do this one enough, but I'm fallible and sometimes I do get frustrated with Finnegan so I plan to keep the good times in mind. The resolution will be to smile about something Finn has done at least twice daily, like I said, I do this already but it's fun to make a resolution you KNOW you can keep.

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Amber-Mae said...

Those are some great resolutions Finn! By the way, how's the toilet habit thing going? Any progress?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer