The New Look

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The New Look

As the few people who return here from time to time should be able to tell I'm switching things up a bit with the layout of the blog. I found a number of fun things I would like to add to make things a little crisper and let people find there way around, but don't worry if you're here to see pictures of a cute golden retriever...
we'll still have that.

Also I've noticed what some of the more popular posts have been. Lots of people came to see Finn's Dogbook page. Although he didn't get too many friends out of it, but if you would like you can add him on your facebook. I'm still a fan of Dogbook but because I am not a big Facebooker myself his profile isn't the central focus of my day.

The other post people seemed to like was the 1-800 Pet Meds review. This is understandable, the first thing I did before making my purchase was run a quick search looking for first hand reviews of the service. As a recap: they did a good job and I liked all the dog products we got from them although the order was slowed because I got Revolution which is a controlled substance thanks to heartworm portion of it. So remember, if you dog starts sucking down the heartworm meds, you may need to seek help.

If there is anything else you like on blogs in general, or if you have suggestions for things you would like to see here let me know via e-mail or the comments.

Oh... and it's a work in progress so if this all gets jumbled tomorrow, my bad.
More to come soon....

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icepricessa said...

i happened to come across this blog and i like it! such a good read and the photos are so nice... adorable! haha I like the way he looks on the couch