Birthday, Grooming and the Dog Park

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Birthday, Grooming and the Dog Park

It's been a while since I've posted. The list of excuses is long but boils down to just not making it a priority. In the time since the last post a lot has happened in Finnegan's life. He turned one on March 18th. We threw him a mini party including a dog cake made just for him (okay cake is not exactly the right term, more like wheat bran muffins with cottage cheese toppings)
As you may be able to tell from the pictures Finn also got a haircut. We took him down to Sparky's which took great care of him, trimmed him up and made him smell all fresh. Like any guy it took a week or so for his new haircut to start looking great but it did and soon he was back to being the king of the castle.
The other major development is that we finally started taking Finnegan to the dog park. In the past his madre has been worried that he would get hurt (his hip dysplasia), that others dog would take advantage of him and all that. Turns out Finn plays great with other dogs.
His favorite spot is Laurel Canyon Dog park. This place is GREAT. At close to 20 acres it is the largest off-leash dog park in Los Angeles (at least according to the two guide books I own). If you live in the area you have to go. Tons of tennis balls are just lying around and most patrons are more than happy to pet a friendly dog. Water is also available so no need to worry about bringing anything other than your dog and a willingness to huck a tennis ball for an hour.
Thanks to all the folks who posted comments in the past two months. Hopefully I'll get better about posting more often. Take care.


Amber-Mae said...

Hey Finn, missed ya! We went to the Spa yesterday & got bathed & groomed too. Mommy was not happy when she found out that Chloe & I got shaved under our bellies. The groomers did not ask her permission 1st becoz it was unnecessary as we're not Poodles or Maltese with very long hair. We're now itching to hell coz our short hair is poking us. But anyway, hopefully it'll grow back soon & my mommy will need to remind the groomers next time not to do anything to us without asking 1st. You look all clean & cute after your grooming session!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Dino & Family said...

Thanks for the update, Finn's dad! Happy belated birthday, Finn! That birthday cake looked awesome!

And Finn, you are growing up so fast! I love those ears!


Aiko Yonamine said...

Happy Birthday, Finn! My name is Aiko Yonamine & I live in Columbus, Ohio. Interestingly, our purebred Golden Retriever is also named Finnegan. He was born August 28th, 2007. They look very much alike and our Finn is a total lover and waggle butt! Hope to share our pics with you guys! Your Finn reminds me of our Finn. But I just want to wish you a happy Birthday. Get this! My birthday is March 18th too! Except I just turned 37! Cheers!

Finn's Dad said...

As it turns out, I (Finn's Dad) am also from Columbus Ohio, or rather Dublin. Small world.

Anyways, hope you had a wonderful Birthday as well, your Finn looks adorable.

Aiko said...

How cool is that?! We live in Clintonville (two blocks south of Whetstone Park/Park of Roses). My family lives in NorCal...Los Altos! One of these days, I'll fly home with Finn to hit those beaches!
Your blog inspired me to get mind going. I have chosen your blog as one of my links of Stories of Beloved Canines. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! Check out my evolving blog. Cheers! Aiko (Finn's human mom) ~FinntheGoldenPup