Online Review: 1-800 Pet Meds

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Online Review: 1-800 Pet Meds

So I finally got to try out 1-800 Pet Meds. I've seen commercials for years and it always sounded like such a great deal. Turns out they do have a nice little operation going, even if it isn't that great of a deal. I got Finn's flea medication, this time for big dogs, and a stretchy frog toy just for fun. The medication was not overly expensive but it was about the same price as I paid at the Value Vet clinic at our local pet shop, so there was no real advantage (espically since there is no wait and the Value Vet is less than a mile away). The frog was just an after thought and I got it because it was only 6 bucks, but I am unimpressed by the selection of toys. Sure I should have seen that coming, seeing as how the name is PetMeds and not PetToys (which is a google arbitrage style site) . My only other complaint is that it took a while to get cleared by vet to get flea medication. It's flea medication, does that really need to be a controlled substance? Anyways After about a week, the order did finally go through, and a few days later the shipment arrived. All in all I like the site and I will be using it again.


trever said...

Finn's dad, what kind of flea meds did you get? Frontline is not a prescription item and does not require a vet's authorization. No flea medicine does except for Revolution, and that is because it is a heartworm medicine as well.

Finn's Dad said...

I did get Revolution. I didn't realize it was the heartworm, I guess that makes a little more sense. Either way, I didn't have to call the vet or anything so it wasn't a big deal. It is still surprising it took a week though. I would have thought 1-800 Pet meds was a large enough operation to have worked this lead time down a bit. I'll try the site again for the next round and hopefully it takes less time.

Jenny said...

Hi Finns Dad,

On the next round of trying Use Discount offer code "HOP" at check out.

I use it all the time and it gets me a 10% discount plus free shipping.

It also works when you call and place your order at 1800petmeds (1800 738-6337)

Let me know how it goes...