West Los Angeles Animal Shelter

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

West Los Angeles Animal Shelter

As a first time dog owner, one of the most intimidating tasks of getting Finn was choosing where to get him. With all the news about horrible puppy mills, bad breeders, and rescued dogs that suddenly become viscious it is tought to know who to trust with your dog the first few precious weeks of their life. We lucked out with Finn, finding a family that had cared for him as their own (because both his parents were their own). The saddness they showed in parting with him that first day expressed how much they cared for him and let us know that he was treated as an infant the way we would treat him thereafter, with love.

Of course, there are other places that will treat a dog with the love, care, and respect they need and deserve. One of those places is just a few miles from here, the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter. The facility, which opened last fall, is an immaculate place that sets an example for what a animal shelter should be. Not only are the facilities nice, but all the people who work and volunteer there are friendly and genuinely care for the animals. Finn's Mom, who has always been an animal lover, began volunteering there a few months ago. The training program was a one day session and now she helps out from time to time, bathing, socializing, and exercising the dogs that live at the shelter.

There are a variety of animals at the facility but the majority of the space is dedicated to the K9 family. Dogs are situated into male and female sections with most sharing a space. The area is hard concrete, but contains a separate covered area for sleeping and a water fountain so no one gets thristy. Cages are cleaned on a regular basis and if their is any mess it is cleaned up in a timely manner.The free space and socialization area are the real draws of the shelter. Not only do they serve as a perfect arena to play with a potential pet (which you are encouraged to do before adopting) but volunteers also can exercise, train, and socialize the pooches. This area allows many neglected and abused dogs a transition place to let them become comfortable with humans in a playful environment.

All the cages are shaded, and small dogs have a separate area. Except for the noise, which the dogs seem to enjoy, the shelter provides a comfortable home for strays, rescued and lost pets.
Although the bars and concrete may not seem inviting, on a hot day the cool concrete is the ideal place for those covered in fur. With plenty of vistors there is no shortage of attention and most of the residents of the shelter seem as happy as a dog with a more traditional home.
The golden in these pictures is believed to be a lost dog. Attempts are made to contact the owner if a dog is chipped or still has a tag. Otherwise they are held for a set period before anyone can possibly adopt them.
We hope his owner finds him soon, Finn sure would like a friend, but right now our house is at animal capacity. However, if we do get another dog at some point, the shelter will be our first stop. As I mentioned all dogs that pass through the shelter are subjected to a behavior test, and dogs are not adopted out until the problem is solved. Males are neutered and females spayed, microchips are implanted and every attempt is made to solve existing problems (deworming, scars/infections etc) so it is a pretty safe bet that a dog rescued from here will be a healthy happy pooch to the right home.. If any of you happen to live in the area and are looking for a good place to adopt a pet I would suggest you take a look here.

The West Los Angeles Animal Shelter is one of eight Los Angeles area animal care centers. It is located at: 11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064 and can be reached at 888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381.

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Sparky said...

Looks like it really is a nice shelter... That's great!


Amber-Mae said...

I think that's a very nice & clean shelter! The ones in Malaysia are horrid! I guess there's not much volunteers & money that's why...Those Goldens look sad. Hope their owners will claim them soon.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Arabella said...

That sounds like a great shelter. I hope they find all those nice pups happy homes.

shawnandlaci said...

Shawna and I are both shelter dogs. We love the fact that we were given a second chance!

Anonymous said...

I go to that shelter every day! It never gets boring