Barrington Dog Park

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Barrington Dog Park

Finn has been lucky these past couple weeks getting to go on loads of trips. The weather has been great and in an effort to branch out we have been taking him to new parks in the Los Angeles area such as Barrington Dog Park. Of all the places we have been, Palisades park, Laurel Canyon Dog Park, and Santa Monica Airport Dog Park this one tops our list for a few reasons. First, it's close and accessible, only a few miles away in Brentwood (the address is 333 S. Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles 90049, and there is a map below). The park is also mulch covered, which means even if there is some rain the is a chance your dog won't get too dirty. Best of all, it is quiet, but there are still other dogs around. Organizers and volunteers, the friends of Barrington Dog park, even hold a weekly lemonade stand to help support the park. The only issue there may be is a lack of parking and finding the park. Luckily I was equipped with a satellite view that showed the figure 8 shaped park just east of Barrington drive right next to two baseball fields. The fields have a small parking lot, but so long as there isn't a game going on you can find a space.

Barrington dog park small dog areaThe small dog area (above and below) is, well.. it's small. But I think that is the whole point. There are a few trees, some benches, and tennis balls in there though so it is something.
barrington dog park small dog area with benchesBarrington Dog park back areaThe big dog park is laid out in a weird way (almost like a figure 8 like I said above) and unless you walk to the back of the park you may miss that there is twice as much space as what you see when you walk in. The above picture is what I'm calling the "back lot" of the park. A whole seperate area that is at least a few acres, complete with a bench and a tent for shade. Below you can see the back of the front lot. The fence there is for the baseball field but walk to the corner of right field and there is a break in the fence that lets you into the back lot.
Barrington Dog park all mulched and service roadBarrington dog park big dog area with Finnegan
Finn enjoyed this place because he is not a picky dog, but also becasue there were tons of tennis balls lying around. We went on a VERY hot day so I was pleased to see that like any good dog park Barrington has a watering hole.
Barrington Dog park watering hole
Just a quick recap of the park
Name: Barrington Dog Park
Location: 333 S. Barrington Ave Los Angeles 90049
Separate small dog area.
Bags and trash cans provided.
Tennis balls provided
On site water.
Mulched ground.
Entirely fenced 5 (or so.. I'm guessing here) acres

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Sparky said...

Finn, you are one lucky dog to go to the dog park! I wish we had a park like that...

I hope you're having a grrrrEAT weekend!


Amber-Mae said...

I wanna go there too! Happy Mother's Day to your mommies!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Kim said...

What a lucky dog you are to have such a great park close by Finn! :-) We don't have anything like that in the UK sadly, here's hoping we do in the future!