Thanksgiving with the family. How does your dog fit into traditions?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving with the family. How does your dog fit into traditions?

For our Thanksgiving Finn joined us as we traveled to my parents. The day was a huge success and everyone loved having Finn join in the festivities. In the morning a small group of us (9.5 people) went out to the Lafayette Resovoir for a 2.75 mile turkey trot. Leash laws were in effect and there were tons of other dogs around so my pace was established by Bear, who did well the first 2 miles but died down the stretch.

After the run we returned home where Finn joined us in watching some football and even got into the action a bit, playing fetch with his cool football toy. A baby gate was needed to keep him out of the kitchen (not that he was in the way, but everyone gets kicked out of the kitchen on thanksgiving unless they are making something). When we finally sat down to dinner Bear really showed his manners. I told everyone he would not beg for scraps or be a bother, but only if we ignored him. Everyone did and no less than 2 minutes later I had to ask the question "Where's the dog". The answer, he was under the table, asleep. He stayed there for 3 hours until we finished dinner and moved to the couches for the tryptophan coma/sleep.

The whole experience was a great success, and when we left my madre even montioned "It's nice to have a dog around the house". I don't know if it was nice enough for them to get another dog, but it made me realize how big a part of my life the little Bear has become. It is fitting that Thanksgiving was the first holiday Finn could be a part of, because he is one of the things I am so thankful for. Now that he has been integrated into our world it would make sense that we start to develop traditions that Finn can be a part of.

Should we dress him up as a turkey for thanksgiving? Make sure he gets a stocking at Christmas? Teach him to bark out the chorus of Auld Lang Syne? Or make sure that he eats soda bread and corned beef on the eve of his birhtday (St. Patrick's day)?

What fun traditions does everyone out there have with their pets, leave a comment.


Amber-Mae said...

Awww, Finn sure was a good boy. I will never be like him. I will sit there & stare & drool until someone gives me some food. I'm rude at times, hehehe!

Well, we usually celebrate Christmas with our hoomans. Actually, we celebrate any festive seasons even Chinese New Year.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Pawhealer said...

ahhhh, I remember, we met at the dark park...right?

Nice blog..and I like the way you are integrating it with discussing dog products.....

Simba said...

I get dressed up in a cute red and white collar with bells on it and the humans try to put a Santa hat on me...but it doesn't stay on for long! I've only had one Christmas..but we're travelling together this year to my human dad's family in Montreal! So it will be Christmas "en francais" this year! Should be fun! I'm their "petit chien" instead of little dog!