Dog Blog Links: 3rd Edition

Friday, September 7, 2007

Dog Blog Links: 3rd Edition

Here's some more links. Again all of these are in my Google Reader and have been starred for some reason.

The Very depressing story I'm warning you, it's a shame animal shelters do so much good work but the most press when they make a mistake that kills.

A Spiritual Dog Blog: Pet owners will appreicate the cartoon and can defiantly relate to the pets "have me trained" feeling.

Lab Tails: The puppies are getting big fast. There is a great video of all of them wandering around and trying to speak. If you think they are cute you may be able to get one over at the lab tails new breeding site.

Pappy's Dog Blog: Funny video of a dog enjoying a sweet slide.

Polka Dot Pup: A review of some useful items to help keep a dog cool during the summer months.

Pacco de Mongrel: There is a dog catching competition, if that's your thing, if not sign the petition to stop it.

Love is a Four Legged Word: A top ten list of why dogs and cats are better than kids.

Precious Moments: A cute little dog acts out how a chick is hatched.

Big Paw Blog: There is a well written and amusing list of things your dog does when you leave the house.

A Service Dog's Journey: A dog takes in a ballgame, those are the perks when you are a working pooch.

Ranger the Dog: Ranger was up for the Grand Marshal of a Fido walk. Unfortunately there was some shady voting so he's only a runner up. (Sorry I didn't post this sooner ranger)

Amber's Personal Diary: Amber lets us all know how she learned the shy trick. (We'll be teaching Finn this and many more tricks someday)

Pug Blog: Just a funny sign. This pug also has one of the best toys ever, Pluto.

Pop Dog Blog: A little late on this but Simba like my list of ficitonal dogs and added a bit with a top five list of cartoon dogs. I agree pretty much across the board.

As always I'm looking for more to read so if you have a site or a suggestions please let me know via comment or e-mail.

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Amber-Mae said...

Hehehe, I think you'll look cute doing the 'shy' trick. Can't wait to see a video of you doing it...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer