Dog Toy Squeaks Too Much

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dog Toy Squeaks Too Much

Over the long weekend my parents came to visit and we wound up going to the grove. Since their farmers market is great we went there and were able to make a stop at the Three Dog Bakery. While there we picked up a few treats for Finn and my madre got him a toy. Normally I love to get Finn a new toy but this thing is a blanket that has 25 squeaky things in it. 25! That is just uncalled for. There is no reason to give a 5 month old puppy something that can make 25 sounds all at once. Needless to say this is Finn's new favorite toy and I've had to take it away from a few times this week so I could concentrate. It is a great toy though because he is just so happy when he's making all that noise, he never barks so he needs to get it out.

In the pictures you can see Finn took to this toy right away(pdf). He is going so crazy the picture was blurry.

This toy is also great to throw, it flies just like a frisbee.

The grandparents


Julia said...

awww so cute! love the padres!

Ume said...

25 squeakies??? oh my! i tot my Cuz toys make the bestest squeaks, i think your new blankie toy juz beat them!