Good Dog Nicknames?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Dog Nicknames?

We recently began calling Finnegan "Bear". It is fitting as he is kinda like a giant stuffed bear. He is great to have lying around, it means there is always a pillow or foot rest or large furry object to pet. Having the puppy is like having a shadow. Whenever one of us walks up or downstairs Finn is there to make sure we have some company. Best of all, he curls up on the couch or bed the way a proper dog should.
Bear fits him. The teddy bear look coupled with his ferocious teeth and huge paws make referring to him as a large forest beast are a no-brainer. He sure acts like a wild dog sometimes, which is good so long as he does it in the right places. Here is the hole he dug in the side yard (a place he is encouraged to dig).This massive crevasse was the result of twenty minutes of puppy energy. Bear was walking around afterward with mud up to his underbelly and all over his nose. Of course his tail was going wild too, all proud of himself he was. As he should be though, dogs should dig. There are a whole list of things dogs should do and digging is an accepted part of this list. Also on the list, going nuts for bubbles. Espically the dog bubbles kind that are beef flavored. Okay so this may be one thing a bear would not do, but then again I've never seen a bear interact with bubbles. For now climbing couches, and eating food shaped like fish (Beneful) will be the reasons for Finn's nickname. I just hope he doesn't mind being called Bear.


Amber-Mae said...

Ooooh, I got lots of nicknames too but they are weird, meaningless & some of them are not very nice, yeah... You did a faboolous job on the side yard. My hooman would kill me if I did any landscaping in her mini garden...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Curt Rogers said...

Duncan, our Golden, has only one real nickname, Roo, short for Dunc-a-roo. We played with Lope, short for Dunc-a-lope (like the Jackalope, because he LOVES to bound all over the place. Seems he doesn't do anything BUT bound. There's no willy-nilly trotting, or, god-forbid, simple walking or amblong. He's a bounder through and through!). He didn't seem to care much for Lope, so Roo it was.