Car Trip

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Car Trip

Today Finn and I loaded into the car and drove down to meet Julia for lunch. Going all day without seeing the puppy is hard and we'd like to get Finn acclimated to the car. I finally figured out how to put his harness on him, which keeps him safe in the car, and took along water, poop bags, and some treats. Of course Finn was very well behaved when he met everyone at Julia's office and when we took him to whole foods. Although he couldn't go into Whole Foods (understandably due to their vast open food displays) the tables outside were shaded and Finn politely sat with us while we ate. Despite the crowds he was clam and sat politely eating his food and water while we ate our meal. In the future we will try to avoid daytime driving, with how hot the car gets, but with the windows down and the fan blowing he was relaxed and almost bored as he fell asleep on the way home. He wasn't a distraction in the car, except for his severe cuteness, and I managed to snap a nice picture of him while I was at a stoplight.

His socialization is coming along. With this trip and a recent one to downtown Westwood he was exposed to a lot of new stimuli. He does really well with new places and new people but does seem slightly overwhelmed if there is a crowd that all wants to pet him. One of two people at a time though are right up his alley, he loves drawing attention from strangers and it makes my day too when I see him make someone smile.


jan said...

What a fortunate dog Finnegan is to have humans to socialize him and teach him how to behave in a variety of situations. So many people seem to think dogs were born that way.

Spencer said...

Very cute picture with a lovely smile! Finn is going to be a great dog....because he's a golden, BOL!