Oprah and dog CPR

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oprah and dog CPR

Oprah Winfrey is a dog owner and even had the dog whisperer on her show to help with the puppy problems. Then tragedy struck.

In may Oprah's golden retriever was involved in an incident that ended in the worst fashion. Recently the AP ran this article, from Forbes.com, about the accident and Oprah's response. In the article Oprah states"I ran barefoot out of the house and found the dog walker and one of my security guys pumping her chest,". Unfortunately the dog was unable to be revived. Although chest compression on a dog may seem strange it is an effective way to revive a dog.

Dog CPR hits close to home for Finn because his sister was revived. While still young she was trapped when her mom rolled over onto her. The breeders found them soon after (this was before we got Finn) and started mouth to snout. The dog was brought around and rushed to the hospital where she was nursed back to health before being sent on her way. After the incident the breeder decided they would be keeping her. Because they couldn't certify her mental health and because it was such a powerful incident (breathing life into any being is simply heroic) they felt it was there duty to raise her and give her a happy life.

Dogs may not have emotions like humans but losing a sister really can not be good for the mind. Saving her may have helped give Finn his wonderful temperment and provide for pictures like this.

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Tish said...

Back in February, one of my dogs started choking on a piece of food. I hit her between the shoulder blades with the palm of my hand several times to no avail. She finally fell to floor - completely limp. I screamed the entire time, but did all I could think of to do - compressed her chest and abdomen to try to dislodge the food. It finally went down her throat, and she survived. It scared me to death. I did take her to the emergency clinic right after the incident, and she was fine. You never really think you're going to need it, but all pet owners should know how to perform pet CPR!