Finn 1, Flower pot 0

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Finn 1, Flower pot 0

Well the anti-dig spray officially does not work for Finn. Some nice daisies that were potted only a few days ago were ripped from their peaceful home next to the front door and scattered about the lawn. As I was away at the time I didn't scold him for pulling on the potted plant but I did make it clear to him that the stuff he was eating when I caught him (the orange pedals or the Gerber daisy) was NOT to be considered either his food or a toy. Of course staying mad at the little munchkin is difficult, what with those big puppy dog eyes and all.

The rest of the day he was great though. He set a new long walk record. Coupled with the fact that he didn't stop to sit anywhere, and having just signed him and us up for a weekly group training class, it seems things are looking good for him as a running partner and more.

Above is him chilling between the couches, enjoying a afternoon siesta on the cool concrete.

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jan said...

The instinct for dogs to dig goes back thousands of years. Be patient and all will be good.