Insects and seafood

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Insects and seafood

As with any child Finn has a short attention span, espically when it comes to his toys. He gets a new one anytime one of us is at the pet store or just bored. Our supply of bones,teeth cleaning treats, and stuffed things is stashed where he can't find them, so we have something to give him in times of need. Last night was one of those. With the shots possibly slowing him down he was sniffing around in the grass when, we assume,he was stung by a bee (said bee was then crushed handily by a sandal in retaliation). We never found a stinger but his jowls started to swell slightly and take on a more solid feel. Finn seemed fine about the whole ordeal, and I even wondered if he noticed; his appetite was normal as well as his play level and he was not whining or doing anything differently. We let him go to bed since he was showing no symptoms of anything being really wrong and luckily for us the swelling was gone this morning as if nothing had happened. Crisis averted thankfully. In the future though we will try to give him a little

This morning he went on another long walk and did a great job although there are some minor things he needs to work on (wanting to meet everyone that runs/walks by, pulling gently on the leash) that this weekends class should help. When we came back I played with him for a few minutes in the yard and managed to capture this video of Sir Finnegan dining on some calamari. He loves all of his toys but this one is his current favorite, maybe because it is a delicacy, but most likely because it is his newest one.

The video is me playing fetch with him, of course the minute I turn on the camera he doesn't bring the toy back, but at least he is still adorable.

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jan said...

It's a mind game dogs play. They do something perfect and then you want to show someone and they don't come up to the same level of perfection. This must be genetic.