Dog Walk

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dog Walk

On Finn's walk this morning we ran into a gaggle of yippy little dogs. The Finn's response?
Sit politely while they all barked at him.
This was ideal as it seems he is almost entirely trained not to bark at other dogs, although I can take no credit for this:

The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine agrees that the socialization period lasts up to about 12 weeks (3 months) of age. However, at 12 weeks, the puppy must continue socialization to refine its social skills. Socialization most easily occurs before the puppy is 3 months old. Any later than that and it becomes an excruciatingly difficult and time-consuming process that very few owners have the time, energy, money or patience to cope with.

So it would seem this is the doing of the breeder, which is a nice bonus.

On the leash he is very well behaved and I encourage him only to stop when I do. Keeping the stops to once or twice a walk so we're hoping he finds out what walks are for (tiring him out a bit).


jan said...

You picked one of the easiest breeds to train and socialize. What a cute family you made. Looking forward to more adventures.

from Poodles and dogs

Julia said...

heehee i love finnybear!