Gonzo Dog

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gonzo Dog

Another new long walk record clocking a whopping 1.2352miles on Gmaps pedometer. Slowly he is being able to go further and further. I found some tips about training a dog to walk here, but nothing definite on how far a dog should be walking. Most links I have found leave it at a vauge "it depends" so Finn will be the judge of our walks (distance wise only). He seems fine with this distance though, and as long as we check his feet, bring water when it's hot, and remember to carry a poop bag this walk should be good for him once or twice daily. Today it was hot out and at the end of the walk Finn was tired and lapped some water before plopping himself down on the concrete, but he wasn't tired on the walk which will be our barometer on whether or not the walk is too long.

One good site I found however was Allexperts.com. People post questions and experts answer them, and they have a variety of categories. Here is a list of dog questions and here is a question about a 4 month old golden and how long it's walks should be. Although the answer leaves something to be desired, I'm booking marking this for future reference.

Of course the picture you see is Finn sporting his new specs. It's sunny outside, but his eyes will be kept well shaded.