Top 5 Reasons to own a Pet

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Top 5 Reasons to own a Pet

Life is a Journal - Self Help For Lazy People!: Top 5 Reasons to own a Pet

I found this link through , a website about making life easier. The post it links to is one man's top 5 reasons for owning a pet. I have to say he wrote a good list. The only things to add might be exercise and routine/stability. Having just graduated college where no two days were alike it is refreshing to know that every morning I start my day with a nice walk with Finn. It gets me moving in the morning and makes my day feel much more productive. Additional pluses that wouldn't make the top five list.

6. Don't have to sweep crumbs off the floor
7. More flies to swat (swatting flies is challenging and fun)
8. Can recycle used tennis balls
9. Gives me something to take pictures of and write about
10. Personal achievement felt when a new trick, command or task is mastered or taught

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