Poop in public

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poop in public

Yesterday I took the lawn pooper down to visit Julia for lunch. She had found a nice little cafe (North End Cafe in El Segundo) which served great food and was very dog friendly. They had a big canister of free biscuits for puppy customers and a few dog bowls outside for public use. Finn was so polite and well behaved while eating that we decided to take him to Petsmart and get him some toys as a reward. He was good in the store, walking around and sniffing everything but not biting, (although anytime something squeaked he got a bit rowdy) until we were about to check out. With no warning Finn squatted down and dropped a smelly number 2. Now it was Petsmart, who is prepared for this sort of thing, but it still is embarrassing. Julia got some towels and spray and cleaned everything up. Unfortunatly we had no $6000 designer dresses, but the baggie/towel/spray combo worked just as well.

Finn had relieved himself before we left and was only about an 1.5 hours removed from his last go and he hadn't eaten in a few hours. The whole thing is a big mystery.

On the way home however, he was much better. No longer does he just sit scared in the backseat of the car, trying not to fall over. Now he tests the limits of his harness and even tries to poke his head out the window. This action is highly discouraged, due to chance of injury. His favorite position though is directly in the middle of the back seat, peering forward between the chairs right up at me. I enjoy this becuase any time I hit a stop sign or stop light and I turn around to check on him this is what I see.

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jan said...

My dogs, all dignified adult dogs with normally exemplary behavior in public, have all pooped in Petsmart. I think it's important to them to leave some reading material for other dogs.

Jan from Poodles and dogs