To the Pet Store...

Monday, July 2, 2007

To the Pet Store...

Today's trip to the pet store netted us the following:
1 Large bag of Dog food
1 Large Kennel
1 Kennel water bottle
1 training choker collar
1o pack of dog bones
1 Lixit faucet attachment
1 dog tie-up
1 portable dog bowl

Although this all ran us a small fortune (somewhere around $200) we saw this coming so it wasn't as bad. And in case it matters, buying a kennel online seems to be about $40 cheaper then in the store.

Also this Lixit seems like a great little product, just screw it onto a normally unpopular outdoor spicket and it turns into a water bottle. Anytime Finn "lix-it" a little bit of water comes out so he can always stay hydrated. All the new stuff got him quite excited so I took him on a little
walk with the training collar which seemed to work well as he stopped pulling on the leash. The heat and walk tired him out so now he's napping in his new kennel, door closed and everything. He seems to take well to the kennel and most other things so at least we can save money not buying videos and books, plus pretty much all training techniques can be found online, like here, here, and here.

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