Finn Vs. Squirrely

Monday, July 30, 2007

Finn Vs. Squirrely

Took a few photos and videos yesterday while playing with the pooch. This is him rolling around and gnawing on his squirrely just before we gave him a bath. He does this sort of thing for about 4 hours a day and it is so much fun just to sit and watch him as he flops around pawing, chewing and squeaking his toy.

Above is the video and below is a still of a stretched out playful Finnegan.

Above: Fetching a thrown squirrel
Below: Surveying the scene (while still protecting his squirrel)

1 Comment:

Johann The Dog said...

Finn, you are one lucky dog, what a great home you have!!!

And congrats to your Mum and Dad, they are lucky to have you.