Monday, July 30, 2007


Rent-a-dog service debuts in California - On Deadline -

I read about this service a few months ago. It is a part-time dog owner company. The idea is loosely organized like the Flexcar idea, where many members jointly "own" cars which can be reserved for specific trips. The car idea appeals to environmentalists and folks who seldom use vehicles and can save on car payments and insurance.

Sharing a puppy is a different story. Although it seems members of Flexpetz will avoid a variety of fees (vet bills, training, food) they still have to pay a hefty fee to be a part of the program:

$150 training fee plus a $99.95 annual fee and a $49.95 monthly fee ($599.40 a year). That doesn't include the dog. It costs between $24.95 and $39.95 a day -- plus tax and up to $35 in delivery fees -- to rent a pooch.

I like the idea of rescuing dogs, which Flexpetz tries to do, and giving them a better home. However, I don't see how this is ensuring a dog a better home. Flexpetz offers a list of questions to help decide "Is Flexpetz for you?" One of which is, "Are you prepared to treat a FLEXPETZ dog with the same love and respect as if the dog was your own?" It just seems that no one can say yes to this. Owning a dog is a commitment, and what happens if none of the part-time owners build a true loving attachment to the puppy? What owners try it out for a few months then decide not to re-enroll? Who disciplines the dog on a daily basis, shows him where to eliminate, makes sure he gets a walk and enough play? If you don't have enough time for a dog in general won't you be distracted when it is your time with your pet. I truly hope for everyone's sake that Flexpetz finds a way to ensure all of their owner's are of the same high caliber as the dogs deserve.

Finn will be shared with family and friends in years to come and it's likely we will even take him to kennels or daycares (provided we research and trust them) but he will always have his home with us.

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Julia said...

More pics of Finn today please. his mommy is bored at work:)