Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Yesterday Finn received his last round of puppy vaccinations, now he is free to roam the streets and sniff other dogs without fear of contracting some scary disease. I took him to the local pet store's Vet clinic. Although the offices are obviously not as large and well decorated as the normal Vet it was easy enough to make an appointment, if you can call it that. All it took was walking in and filling out a small form. I brought all his records and the Vet looked them over and gave him his shots (Bordetella, the DHLPP combo shot, and a rabies shot) he also made a point to clean out his ears and I left with a three month supply of Revolution which fights off ticks/fleas and heart worm. The Vet and his workers were friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and convenient all things that made the experience easier both for me and likely for Finn too.

The prices of the vaccines were lower than at the vet, despite them being the same things. The Revolution was even the same price as it is at the discount online places. He also put on two pounds since the last time he was at the Vet, not a lot but then again the last visit was only 12 days ago.

For being such a good pup and getting all his shots like a champ Finn was awarded a single pink octopus chew toy. He loves it, pictures later.

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Julia said...

Pink Octopus , Ladybug, and Squirrly are finn's best friends! except i guess he likes to chew on his best friends