Play Date

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Play Date

A friend recently got a husky puppy, and since both of Finn and Lala (the husky) have a ton of energy we decided to get them together for a play date. Although always worried about them doing harm to each other, we let the two of them romp around in the yard and get all their playful puppy fights out of their system. Even though Lala is much smaller then Finn she was putting up a great fight and even managed to pin Finn down a few times. Then they found the pool. Lala was an experienced swimmer since she lives by a pool but Finn was not. He started lapping at the water and soon after had fallen in. Luckily, having seen this coming, both Eric and I were there within a few seconds and were pulling Finn out just as he got the hang of things. He was great at staying afloat but we were not taking any chances.

After a few hours we headed out so as to keep the pup on a regular sleeping schedule. On the way home he was calm and relaxed and when we got back we gave him a few minutes to settle down before putting him to sleep. It was good to get him a little more socialized, especially with the group training starting tomorrow. Hopefully this is the first of many play times with other puppies.

There is Finn getting intimidated by the small but fierce Lala.

Finn after his dip in the pool.Lala protecting her territory and Finn running away.