Finn's Training

Monday, July 9, 2007

Finn's Training

I fed Finn this morning with a training session after reading an interesting quote:

Use mealtime as a training opportunity - hand feed your dog and praise, praise, praise!!! Practice what your dog knows and alter it with play. Each time your dog is free fed it is a missed opportunity to train your dog.
This sure seems like a valid idea so what the heck. A formal trainer might be in the works but it looks like he needs all his vaccines and to be neutered before a good deal of them will take him. I found a good list of local trainers here though.

Also since he needs to be vaccinated and neutered I found the California Department of Animal Care site with links to low cost neutering and vaccinations. The difference in price for a neuter procedure is $10 through the Dept. of Animal Care compared to $200-$250 from the Vet's office.

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Julia said...

wow we can get him neutured for only 10 dollars? i wonder if they use anethesia...i dont think its a good idea if they dont... :) cute pic!