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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dog Blog Links

Okay, so I committed the ultimate sin of blogging. Not posting regularly, but I have an excuse. I recently started my job which entailed flying to Louisiana for 2 weeks. In an attempt to use that time the hours have been long, and since the Wi-Fi at the hotel isn't that great I haven't had the patience to actually write something (every time I tried I would be logged off or timed out).

I have however had the ability to keep up with all the other blogs I read thanks to the new iPhone. Here are a few of my favorites from the last week. These pictures were taken a few days before I left. There are some more good ones that I should get up this week.

Benny and Bear
: It seems Benny needs some surgery, you can see why right there in his X-rays. Best of luck Benny

Spencer's Blog: Spencer takes a trip to the Grove in L.A. and gets the same treats Finn has, SCARY KITTY!

Ranger the Dog: A funny list of a dog's pet peeves.

Salty Dogs
: Simple, this is pictures of dogs on the beach. Always a way to brighten the day.

The Chocolate Dog Blog: Bosco weighs in on yet another dog social networking site.

The Dog Blog: Reviewing FlexPetz, one of the only dog owners with a positive outlook on this new service.

The Pop Dog Blog: Reviewing a Doggie Confessional. Finn will have to admit he pees in the house still form time to time.

My Doggie Says: A review of Lake Arrowhead. Finn WILL be going to the lake with us.

Lab Tails: Dogs swimming and enjoying a vacation where they can break the rules.

Duke!: This is a one of the best photoblogs I have an RSS feed on. Always has good pictures and Duke looks amazing.

Pappy's Dog Blog: Just a funny picture. A good blog and should be great in the next few weeks as Pappy is on a big roadtrip.

Dogs Eye View: A guide dog's story with great photos. The writer is is legally blind but still takes some awesome pictures.


M-Fax said...

good idea, I have done this on another blog and it does the networking trick.

Have been meaning to do it on the CDB but you beat me too it haha.

thanks for the mention.

Shari Thomas said...

Kewl blog!

Sarah, the "spinach fits" aka Finnish Spitz keeps a blog about life on a small farm in the middle of nowhere SW Utah. She lives with five other dogs, none of whom are purebred. Two claim to be lab mixes, though.

Simba said...

Thanks for the shout out Finn! You are on my "fave five" of dog blogs!!

tail wags,


btw: I've turned my dogwalker on to your blog..she loves it! She has three Golden's of her own!!

ccrv said...

Hey Finn, thank you for your review.
You are great.
New photos soon.

Anonymous said...

huh... nice post ))