Dogs Jumping out of helicopters and shooting people

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dogs Jumping out of helicopters and shooting people

So the title is a bit misleading. To the best of my knowledge their are no dogs that jump from helicopters while packing but there are rescue dogs that are deployed from choppers. And I thought it was special that I could make Finn sit from 10 yards away. Is our training regimine not focused enough? To Finn's credit though "Full training takes about three years". So we have some time to catch up.

Of course pushing him too hard could lead to him capping me from behind, that is if I leave my loaded .22 out on a table. Play biting doesn't seem so bad anymore, and I'm a little more inclined to let him dig away his aggression. Then again, how could this face ever pull the trigger.


femikey said...

oh that was so cute of him... :-) nice dogs you've got! my hubby loves dogs so much thats why we got 4 dogs here in the house, 1 pitbull name cocao, jackrussel terrier name bandit and 2 mastiff puppies 5months old name princess and thunder :) visit my website and watch their video hope u like it! thanks!

Johann The Dog said...

Sitting from 10 feet is really good for a pup! Nice job!

And make sure all your .22's are put away, yikes!