Play Date with Bandit

Monday, August 6, 2007

Play Date with Bandit

After a few weeks of missed calls and bad timing we were finally able to set up a time for Finn to meet Bandit, who lives around the block. Bandit is an older dog, and was surprised and mildly scared of Finn's puppy energy. One too many puppy pounces and Bandit let out a growl to say to Finn "Cool out, or I'll rip you apart". Once put in his place the two did well together. Bandit would sit, quietly being petted, while Finnegan would do two laps around everyone, crouch down, jump once then run to the other end of the yard before returning and repeating the process. Many folks think an older dog will be livened up by a puppy while helping put the pup in it's place. This is true to an extent but an this article reminds you that each dog is different and may react differently.

We plan to have many more play dates with Bandit as she was the model of what a dog should act like around new people, calm, relaxed and submissive.


Simba said...

Yeah, tried that with Simba...he's usually just too much dog for the older guys. They either totally ignore him, or snarl til he gets the message...which is more me having to pull him away! LOL!

Ferndoggle said...

Ugh...I am completely aware of how annoying puppy energy can be. I am very calm & relaxed with people...just keep the little white dog away from me. Or else.


Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Finnegan! Nice to meet you...You're such a bootiful boy! I'm Amber-Mae, one of your kind too & I'm a dancing dog the only dancing Golden in Malaysia! I always get very excited meeting another Golden especially in blogger & I squeal alot when I meet one! Weeeeeeee! You can watch videos of me & my sistas performing tricks & thereare also tips on how to learn those tricks & youcan watch previous vids of me performing doggie events! Hope to see you in my bloggy soon oh & don't forget to leave a message in my chat box!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer