Pictures from an iPhone

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pictures from an iPhone

Some folks may have noticed the site has been lacking in the "pictures of Finnegan" category. I'm blaming this solely on the my crappy digital camera and it's ability to kill a battery in under five minutes. Anyways, I recently acquired an iPhone and the thing takes some pretty sweet pictures. I'm giving up my other camera entirely at this point. Here are a few pictures taken today. It may be difficult to see in the photos but Finn is growing up very quickly. He is almost tall enough to be able to place his head on the kitchen table, which is scary, but he is also becoming smarter every day. His fluffy puppy stage may be coming to an end, but he still has the greatest smile around.

Expect more and more pictures to come.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh, nice pictures! Finn, I gotta admit, you're one cute boy...hehehehe! I mean for a boy, you have a very cute face like mine *wink* & fluffy ears! I wish my ears were as fluffy as yours...kekeke!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Julia said...

eeee! i love the baby!

Simba said...

You're growing up to be one handsome pup!

Joan said...

Hey, Finn,

Looks great! Tell your dad he does a nice job with that new iphone of his. Pretty cool pics (of course, you make a handsome subject)!

The gang over here at LabTails sends their tail wags -- all 12 of us: Baxter, Ridge, Kenya, Elsie, and her 8 pups (who are just starting to wag their tails).