Driving with a dog

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Driving with a dog

Johann The Dog: Dog safety in cars!

This is a great article about restraining a dog while in a car. Right now we put Finn in a harness when we take him out. Needless to say the best way to transport a dog is by walking. If it is an option it's good for everyone involved for all the obvious reasons.

Walking not only eliminates the need for a harness but it also lessen the temptation to leave a pup in the car while you "quickly run in" somewhere. Recently this happened in Toronto and was picked up by a local blogger. For those of you who only know Fahrenheit numbers, 70 Celsius is about 158 Fahrenheit. Leaving a pet in a car like that is not only cruel it's just plain stupid.

Here is a wonderful site about Pet/Car safety.


TAPhillips said...

Hi Finnigan! Thanks for visiting our blog and wishing me a happy adoption annifursary! We like your blog, think you're cute and adorable and we'll be back!
Wuf Ya -
Opie and Gomer at DogsAyeView

Johann The Dog said...

Hey Finn - thanks so much for bring this info to the forefront! Good stuff, and very important.

Woof, Johann