SkyBark- A dog and people bar

Friday, August 3, 2007

SkyBark- A dog and people bar

You can co-own a pet, get a dog a massage and now I find out there is even a bar for pets. Skybark is a bar in downtown L.A. (and other locations) that caters specifically to patrons who bring along their pets. It includes "a full bar, live music/DJs, dancing, and catered food for owners and pets. For pets, there is a play area with several hundred square feet of grass and toys, an animal potty area, waiter service, a full bar with healthy drinks in their own special martini glasses, and places to lounge around." The events they hold also help support local charities.

So at each of the SkyBark events a silent auction is held to benefit an animal rescue. The rescue of the night receives a 100% of the proceeds of the auction in addition to other proceeds. The goal is to have each night benefit a different rescue, so that the wealth is shared amongst all those in need.

The idea here is great, though I despise paying $20 for a drink and I'm sure the dog treats will be over priced too, we'll probably check it out sometime.

If anyone knows of other dog friendly places or dog events in Los Angeles please feel free to leave a comment.