A Dog in Peoples Clothing

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Dog in Peoples Clothing

Everyone seemed to like the previous Finn in clothes post (well at least the t-shirt part. You're right Simba those PJ's are pretty wrong, but he still is cute) so here are some more. Before I left Los Angeles we were playing around with Finn and decided to take some pictures of him supporting our alma mater, Tulane University. He did well with the t-shirt but the hat was a different story. I'll assume he was just teething and not showing his dislike of our lack luster football program. Here are the pictures of the whole thing.

Rocking the hat and shirt

Smiling for the camera.
Teething, as usual
Just hanging out
Another big smile for the lens. He would have known he is so photogenic.


Johann The Dog said...

Great pics! And I'm sure he'll grow into the sweatshirt, BOL!

Simba said...

LOL! Finn, you are just too cute! Don't worry..you are not alone..I should send you some pics of me..I must admit, I own a few hoodies and a sweet camo winter jacket!

Julia said...

hahha Finnie LOVES tulane!